Biden Welcomes 300 Migrants Every Day

An incredibly dangerous immigration policy introduced this week by the Biden Administration aims to process up to 25,000 “active cases” remaining in the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) established by President Trump.

The MPP – or ‘Remain in Mexico’ – took the strain off US officials by forcing asylum-seekers to wait outside the US until officials processed their claims. Hearings for these individuals were paused in June due to the pandemic.

Starting February 19th, the Biden Administration will take a completely new approach to immigration.

With help from NGOs, the DHS will identify the most vulnerable migrants and those who have been in Mexico the longest. The lucky ones will receive an appointment time and location to cross into the United States. They will then receive a COVID-19 test and a face mask before they begin absorbing taxpayer funds.

The migrants will be allowed to roam free until their claims are processed. After that, they will show up in court.

“I cannot overstate the fact that the prior administration completely dismantled the program, and it takes time to rebuild it in a way that addresses the humanitarian needs of the individuals who seek to access it,” complains Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Biden officials are reportedly working with the Mexican government to set up the program. However, they have not released details so as not to attract a flood of asylum seekers. But we don’t have to worry about that. The Biden Administration has kindly asked migrants to stay away from the border until the program is up and running! 

“It’s a very, very important cautionary note that they should not travel to the border. That will only increase the pressure on the humanitarian effort to provide for them carefully and safely,” says Mayorkas.

“Those who do not have active cases will have other opportunities,” said another official.

Mayorkas plans to use social media networks to spread the word and help migrant communities learn which individuals are eligible. The DHS will also build “electronic portals” where migrants can register for help and check the status of their claims.

“If people wait and they see how this works in an orderly, safe, and efficient manner, that is the best ticket to greater success in the future,” says Mayorkas. “If, in fact, they don’t wait, we will see the detriments of that failure to wait, and that, regrettably, will be an important lesson with respect to what we have cautioned.”

Attempted border crossings have increased dramatically since Biden took office. Raul Ortiz, deputy chief of the Border Patrol, confirmed that roughly 3,000 people are being stopped at the border daily. 

Author’s Note: This is an unbelievably stupid idea that will exacerbate the pandemic and cause a spike in homelessness. Mayorkas is incredibly naive if he believes that migrants will wait until the U.S. establishes the program before approaching the border. If this program proceeds, we will have 1 million people at the border by next week.


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6 Thoughts to “Biden Welcomes 300 Migrants Every Day”

  1. Cliff

    Apparently the “America first” has been eliminated, and dementia-Joe will now allow hordes of unvetted, illegals to invade, take over YOUR jobs (as they take less pay) THAT IS IF THEY INTEND TO WORK….DRUGS human trafficking, and child abuse will increase, and this country will be “converted” into a communist controlled , third-world, banana republic cesspool, as your FREEDOMS will be removed, your MONEY will be “redistributed” to :”finance” all those new DEMOCOMMUNIST “voters”. Welcome to HELL “biden voters” enjoy your new communist controlled crap-hole.

  2. Can someone please take this idiot’s yo-yo away from him- or give him a string to put on it?

  3. Robert6391

    Why should immigrants not be granted into this USA the entire country was founded by immigrants and all who came before 1930, over 60% came here illegally, just got off the boat and went their own way. Some of the most high profile persons at the time came illegally, look at the DuPont’s, even admitting it in their book, that they came illegally, and the rest of the ultra rich in the early part of the USA. This Country begged for immigrants, but only white immigrants from Europe, the China persons who built the railroad were not given the same consideration in any way, taken advantage of by those white Europeans.

  4. Tony Morris

    Another idiot move by the DC clowns. Wonder how long it take before things in cities along our border go further South and the flood gates open. Trump systems worked… people seemed okay with that process and now the fake president is going to add to the stress on Americans along this once secure border. Just DUMB business Biden is famous for.

  5. I guess Binden is going to PAY ALL THE BILLS himself!!!! With HIS MONEY and NOT THE PEOPLE’S MONEY!!!!!!!

  6. Where is Biden’s and the Democrat’ s call for following the science ? Where is Dr. Faucci’ s call for following the science ? I guess it is ok to let illegals into this country. They must NOT spread the virus, but Americans need their cities shut down as they will spread the virus. Just a another Democratic talking point about do as I say but not as I do.
    There are reports that in some areas illegals are receiving the vaccine before Americans. Looks as if those of you that voted for Biden, just got rid of America First

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