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    Quid Pro Joe should drop out!! OR just tell him the election was over and he lost and go home!! Quid Pro Joe would NEVER remember.

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    You mean connecting to the little RED snowflakes, the Maolenin perverts?

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    He should be like Barry O. spend more time in the bath houses sucking dicks. Worked for Barry.

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    Biden is such a loser, he can’t complete a rational thought on his own! I don’t know what the democrats are thinking! Maybe they think he’d make a good puppet!

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    Ron Schaffner

    I’m with gvette75! Barry found the ideal solution. I’m from Chicago and this was common knowledge. Barry had a favorite bath house. Got him elected!

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    Biden is as crooked as the day is long! He touches and abuses little girls and non consenting adults! Hell he maybe source of coronavirus spread!
    Democrats will do anything to smear President Trump!
    On this site you can see how left it is…. do this type in President and see names pop up very rarely Trump pops up!
    Horrible accounting!

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