Biden Forced to Play Defense In Wake of Soleimani Killing | Patriots 4 Truth

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    PELOSU sides with the Murderer?

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    Joaquín Rodríguez

    Biden and the rest of Democrats candidates are lying constantly. Biden is better known because has been committed in too many decisions in his too long political career and his verbal incontinence. But the only exclusive theme is against Trump. What is the program for a thru new, original and distinctive government that can make the difference? Trump is succeeding in all his goals, and the political adversaries (actual enemies) are loosing credibility day after day. God Bless America and those who love our great homeland.

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    Richard McKnight

    I feel that Joe Biden is a bit of a not too bright person. If there are two choices, he always seems to make the wrong Choice. That has been true for his entire time in the Senate.He tried to destroy one of our finest Supreme Court Justices in the senate hearings..

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    Michael Bee

    Go away Biden, Go far far away, Mr Biden, you are not a good representation of what America needs, you are nothing more than a straw puppet for the democratic left-over Obama Administration. An administration who paid our enemies to do the very thing that they are now doing, who back them with His policies like rules of engagement non-sense and a plane loaded with America tax-payers money sent to them to launder, so that a portion of it could come back to His pocket.

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    Jim Looby

    What a joke. Laws are broken over and over again and nothing happens. Sure they have no problem locking someone up for some pot or shoplifting but these people can throw our Country under the bus to make a buck and then have the nerve to sue the DOJ and FBI ? They all need to go to prison or the gallows for treason. BIDEN , kerry, Obama , schiff, polosi Soros. ! Grow a pair DOJ ,FBI,DHS or are you part of this coup too ? Help your Country for God’s sake !

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    Craig Michael Vandertie

    If they ruthlessly kill anymore United States citizens use the exact same tactics the zionists use at a distance use missiles to blast them back into the stone age.

    Better idea since the Iranians hate israelis more than United States citizens demand they turn Iran into a smoking pit of desolation they owe us a trillion times over factoring in all the financial charity we have provided them for 73 years.

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    He just keeps lying and getting caught but idiots will still vote for him. You want a president who willlet the soldiers die and take money for their and their children’s pockets as proven by him Those who vote for him are idiots. Do you honestly think if we didn’t kill him these terrorist wouldn’t kill us anyway? Woo blows my mind

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    It’s pretty evident that Biden can’t seem to tell which lie he told to whom and how many times he told it. See, that’s what happens when folks tend to lie more than not. They forget which one was the lie told to who and when. He should write them down on 3×5 cards before he tells them and keep them in a little card file so he’ll at least be a bit more in tune with what he’s lying about… at that particular moment in time.

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    All Biden does is blow smoke up people’s a$$ ‘s , if it came to a war he would hide under the desk and if caught say he dropped something

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    David in MA

    Democrats solution to almost everythng is hire more people and throw more money at the problem, and we see how that has worked.

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