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    Joe Biden does not even know what he says, he continues to not remember where is or what he says or know where he is or who he is talking to. Joe’s time is up as a politician and needs to go to a rest home and relax. It is hard to believe that some people want to put this burnt out in office.

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    Just keep throwing insults and Trump will stomp all over you on election day !! TRUMP. 2020 !!!! Don’t want my comment ok forget it .

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    Way to go Wayne but u were talking to an idiot- Trump is in your corner. Keep the guns – u made need to use them to keep the liberals at bay!

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    Way to go Wayne- he is an idiot-Trump has your back. You may need it if the libs come after you.

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    Is this what we want in the president? I think he’s an idiot and I don’t think this is the kind of President we want.

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    Yeah I saw it on video. so the real question is does America want Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden (It was a personal Quid Pro Quo by Joe Biden on video) a proven MADMAN as president? A MADMAN who thinks pushups salves something! ( he also asked the same man to do some pushups) He does PROVE himself as the MADMAN he IS! all the time. his son knows nothing about the oil industry YET the UK pays him millions of dollars, Hunter Biden MUST be investigated! also Joe should be investigated all his criminal activity he has done. vote for Donald J Trump 2020!

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    What about SPYGATE & the BLACK EYE of America & his VP Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden the MADMAN!

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    If Mr. Biden’s family had any regard for him they would remove him from this campaign and get him some medical help. It is blatantly obvious that he is having mental problems…I saw the same type of behavior in my Mother who had Alzheimer’s. It is a horrifying disease and is bad for patient and family.

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    Mr. V

    Wayne, is correct that we should Protect Right to Bear Arms… We hear everyday that someone was carJack or someone kicks in your front door with out fear, because they think no one can stop them.

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    Jerry Dyer

    Bitemen never misses a chance to show how in step with the American People he is😂😂

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