Biden Admin: Separating Students By Race Is Not Discrimination

President Joe Biden’s Department of Education is reversing a decision that declared racially segregated “affinity groups” to be a form of segregation. 

In the last days of the Trump administration, the Department of Education determined racial “affinity groups” to be discriminatory because they treated students and staff differently based on race. Biden’s Education Department has suspended this decision. 

Racial “affinity groups” are used in K-12 schools as well as higher education institutions across the country. They separate students and staff based on race to give black people a “safe space” to discuss their experiences with racism. There is a separate space for white people to learn about their “white privilege.” 

A whistleblower teacher from a Chicago school district filed a complaint about “racial equity” training programs used on students and staff, which prompted an investigation into race-based groups.

School administrators at Evanston-Skokie School District were separated into two groups based on race. There was one group for white administrators and one for black administrators.

The school district also held a “Colorism Privilege Walk” that separated seventh- and eighth-grade students by race. The event directed students to stand in a line and step forward if they were white and backward if they are black. It was designed to show students how “white privilege,” “internalized dominance,” and “microaggressions” help white students get ahead. 

The Department of Education Office of Civil Rights enforcement officer Carol Ashley called the school district’s exercises discriminatory. 

“These materials would have led students to be treated differently based on their race, depriving them of a class free from racial recrimination and hostility,” Ashley wrote. “Such treatment has no place in federally-funded programs or activities, nor is it protected by the First Amendment.” 

The whistleblower teacher from the Chicago-area was initially notified by Ashely that the school district was engaging in discriminatory behavior. On Jan. 22, the teacher received a second call from Ashley saying that her case was being suspended by the Biden administrations’ new executive order on equity and gender rights.

The executive order has also reversed a Department of Justice lawsuit brought forward by three high school female athletes hoping to block biological males from competing in girls’ sports in Connecticut.

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  1. Den

    When your NUTS your NUTS !he’s just waiting to walk of the bridge ! Yep he is !

  2. John George

    What a bunch of crap.

  3. Larry Gaines

    This is ILLEGAL

  4. No it’s the 60’s all over again. Death and destruction for desegregation and now Biden’s turning back the clocks to where it all began. Want division and Race War then follow what’s happening right now and Civil War will be the end results.

  5. What is happening now in Joe Biden’s Department of Education is called – CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY !!!

  6. PattiO

    just a bunch of race baiters, they are putting color before people, in America everybody has the same equal rights as the next person under the bill of rights, so get off your pitty pot and stop blaming the color of your skin for your lack there of, this is America it’s what you make of it not what people make it for you

  7. I'm Not A Robot

    It’s no longer the Department of Education under the Democrat’s. It’s the Department of Indoctrination.

  8. TCB

    Segregation is how the Democrats exercise control over the minority populations (and yes the minorities in our own government participate willingly in this power grab for their own benefit)…this now discounts any and all strides we, as the USA have made in the last 70+++ years…and yet they will push the blame on any and all that do not follow their rules…

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