Cause of Death of Capitol Police Officer Finally Revealed

Brian Sicknick Funeral

Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick was one of the main media narratives intended to show that Trump supporters killed a police officer during the riot on Capitol Hill.  As you may recall, Sicknick had returned to his headquarters, where he collapsed.  He was taken to a hospital, where he died the next day. The first false report was that Sicknick died of injuries when he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher by a Trump supporter.  That story played in the anti-Trump media over and over and…

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Biden Is Lying About Georgia Election Laws

All during his campaign for President, Joe Biden kept promising to bring the nation together – to be unifier-in-chief.  He has not only fallen short of that ambition, he has proven himself to be a strident left-wing authoritarian ideologue.  What he does is so far removed from what he says that Biden is turning out to be a despicable divisive fraud. Whew!  That is pretty harsh.  But one only need look at the record of what he said on the hustings and what he says and does now.  He has…

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Biden’s Foreign Policy Is Dangerous

While President Biden is myopically focused on domestic policy – mainly how to grow the federal government into an authoritarian behemoth – the foreign scene is going to Hell. Biden has basically canceled all of President Trump’s tough foreign policy measures to return to the speak-softly-and-carry-no-stick policies of the past.  This guy cannot even talk tough. Virtually every nation in the world today knows well that America under Biden and the left-wing establishment will play a passive role on the world stage. It is even worse than President Obama’s oxymoronic…

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Why Does Trump Hate Mitch McConnell?

One of former President Trump’s least admirable traits is his habit of turning on friends and allies out of personal pique. It has not served the Republican Party well … or the conservative cause … or even Trump, himself. There is no person in politics to whom I pledge fealty – not even Trump.  I am driven by the issues and the skill with which those on my side pursue them.  I may not agree with every position or action taken by such people as Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted…

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Brooke Baldwin Leaves CNN and Plays the Victim of Sexism

Brooke Baldwin CNN Anchor

CNN is making a number of changes in their line-up.  It is probably due to the relatively poor ratings that the inexplicably self-described “most watched” news channel has been suffering.  The most significant change is moving “CNN New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota into the afternoon replacement for departing Brooke Baldwin. Baldwin’s departure is one of those “who do you believe” situations.  Was she fired?  Did she quit?  Did she quit under pressure (fired)?  We may never know – and probably should not care. What can be said is that Baldwin is…

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Will Biden Pack the Courts?

Supreme Court With Blue Paint

President Franklin Roosevelt tried it and failed – even with overwhelming majorities in Congress.  That was because there were still a lot of Democrats opposed to authoritarian power grabs.  Apparently, the Party moderates that were once known as “blue dog Democrats” are now politically “dead dogs.” Back in the days when President Biden could honestly claim to be a moderate Democrat – willing to work across the aisle – he thought packing the court was a hairbrained idea.  That is not the same Biden sitting in the Oval Office today.…

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Proof That Democrats Hate Honest Elections

I Voted Stickers On Graves

There are many ways that votes can be – and are — stolen or manipulated.  There is a lot of debate over such things as various forms of mail-in voting, the days and hours of early voting and the security of same-day voting. But there is overwhelming public support for two measures that Democrats strongly oppose.  They are a requirement for a photo ID and the purging of ineligible voters from the local polling lists.  More than 70 percent of the American people endorse both – siding with Republicans and…

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Harry and Meghan Lied to Oprah

Harry And Meghan Royal Wedding

I am breaking my promise to myself not to comment on the royal nonsense surrounding the departure of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle from the grounds of Windsor Castle.  While they ran away to enjoy more privacy, they did want to explain themselves to Oprah Winfrey and millions of viewers around the world. In the interview, her ladyship played the race card against the royal family – excluding Queen Elizabeth and the ailing Prince Philip.  The revelation of racism was greeted with shock by Winfrey.  British…

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George Floyd Case Refutes Claims of Racism

Democrats and the media are ginning up their narratives of pandemic racism in America – especially in policing across the nation.  Oh … they say that the vast majority of police are honest hard-working men and women, but then they go on to attack them as a group.  They use the basic tool of prejudicial propaganda – negative stereotyping – to malign every person in a blue uniform. Democrats are using the People of Minnesota v. Derek Chauvin as proof of their contention – the case dealing with the killing…

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Biden Taxation for Dummies

Cartoon Of Man Pulling Tax Uphill

The best economic stimulus plan that Uncle Sam can provide is to NOT take away so much money from the hard-working American taxpayer.  Increasingly heavy tax burdens eventually bring down the economy.  We have more than enough examples throughout the world – and throughout history. We have a lot of different forms of taxes, but they all reach into one pot – the productivity (wealth) produced by a working individual.  Call it an income tax, a property tax, a sales tax, etc., etc., etc., but they all are paid from…

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