Midterm Election Predictions for the GOP

Elephant And Donkey Next To Capitol

Looking at the political landscape at this moment, it appears that Republican candidates are facing a challenging situation in the 2022 midterm elections.  But my gut tells me that they will beat the odds. First, there is the tradition of the party of a first-term President losing seats in Congress.  That is truer for the House than the Senate, however. In the House, Republicans only need to flip four seats to take control – not counting four current vacancies.  In normal times, this would not be a steep hill to…

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The “Anonymous” Party

For several weeks, the once Anonymous Miles Taylor made the rounds of the left-wing media hyping what he called a “common sense coalition” composed of prominent Republicans who believe that the official Republican Party has fallen under the influence of former President Trump. Taylor’s big announcement was the assembling of a group of anti-Trumpers to endorse a letter entitled, “A Call For American Renewal.”  Taylor left open the primary purpose of the “common sense” coalition.  Was it to reform the Republican Party … defeat the Republican Party by forming a…

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Inflation is a tax on the poor

In recent weeks, there have been creeping stories about the possibility of inflation hitting the American economy.  Most of the fears were poo-pooed by the big spending Democrats in Washington and dismissed by most of the mainstream media.  “No need to worry,” they say.   If you are worried that we might be entering an inflationary period, fuggedaboudit.  We are not about to ENTER an inflationary period  because WE ARE ALREADY IN IT. That’s right. Consumer prices are rising.  The Consumer Price Index increased by 0.8 percent in April.  That may…

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America is great at nation building?

One of the arguments that has been leveled at our military operations (undeclared wars) in various nations is that the aftermath requires “nation-building” – and that America is not good at nation-building.  In truth, the United States is great at nation-building. But first, we need to understand what the term means — or should mean. The common understanding of nation-building is for the United States to be the primary force in transforming nations to a more positive role in the world community – with emphasis on the expansion of democratic…

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The American Comedy

One of the facts of politics is that people will surrender freedom for safety.  That is why fear is a major driving force in politics.  That is why politicians concoct crises where there are none – or cling to fearmongering long after the crisis has subsided. The key to success in getting people to surrender freedom is to propagate the sense of crisis. And then convince the public that you are the only person – or political party – that can save them.  Of course, it will require the transfer…

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MSNBC’s Most Recent Political Charade

Roger Altman

Unless you are a fan of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” you may not know Roger Altman.  He has recently come out of the shadows of oblivion to serve as a spokesperson for one of the left’s latest political narratives – that the business community is breaking with the Republican Party.  It is one of those situations in which the left-leaning media offers a specious opinion in the hope that the mere allegation will make it happen. They are trying to create the schism by reporting it as fact – hoping others…

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Why This Congressman Switched Sides

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh was a political friend and ally for a number of years.  If you are not familiar with him, he was a one-term Republican congressman – where he earned a reputation of being a hot-headed show boater.  After losing his congressional seat, Walsh became a conservative talk show host. Walsh pursued his conservative ideology with passion and flair.  He was a showman.  In speeches, he would scream at the audience to get a point across.  He would jump on chairs and bounce around on a stage like a human…

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Thoughts on George Floyd

Derek Chauvin And George Floyd

This commentary is not so much about the issue of racism – or even systemic racism – where it may or may not exist.  It is about the way we see and react to events through the lens of racism and racist narratives.  The Floyd case is a perfect example of the problem. Virtually all the reports – those media narratives – we saw and heard throughout and since the trial were conversations about assumed racism.  It was the racism of one cop – who is said to reflect the inherent…

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Oscar Night Proves Movie Stars Cannot Do Television

The Oscars Logo

There was a lot of hype for the 93rd Annual Oscar Awards – a lot.  It was to be different – more exciting – more entertaining.  We should not expect less since they ARE the entertainment industry. They did make a lot of changes.  There was no celebrity host to stitch the show together – and provide some comic relief as a counterpoint to the droning acceptance speeches.  If I were to give a summary critique of the evening, I would say that everyone was well dressed.  As might be…

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Look Who Wants to Pack the Court

According to the radical Progressive wing of the Democratic party – which now includes both President Biden and Vice President Harris – the only proper government is one in which they control all the levers.  The only issues to be considered are those advanced by the political left – and all other opinions are to be censored one way or another. The current example of their authoritarian objective is the result of President Trump appointing three members to the Supreme Court – shifting the balance in favor of the more…

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