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    The people should have left Hiroshima, after all the leaflets fell from U.S. planes warning of what was coming. They were warned, unlike Pearl Harbor.

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    Well I am sure the Survivors of Pearl Harbor, the rape of Nanking, loved ones of the millions of Chinese killed , the Bataan death march, Korean Comfort girls, are still feeling the effect of Japanese brutality.

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    What about Nagasaki? An atomic bomb was unleashed there as well.

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    The covid-19 pandemic from China has killed 160K+ Americans in approx. 5 months. It would seem that the next “nuclear” weapon is a virus delivered via “not my fault” gibberish to an unprepared and unassuming world. i.e.: the same philosophy as nuclear war ….. kill a bunch of civilians to win a political/economic victory. 19.6M cases and 725K deaths globally. Anyone sense the probability of an engineered virus?

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    More “pie in the sky” from the useful idiots. If EVERY NATION was on board with decreasing nukes, fine; trusting nations like Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, and others is questionable at best due to the actions & lies from their leaders.
    Nukes are kept so the OTHER GUY doesn’t use theirs, period. For that reason, I don’t see nations running to get rid of their stockpiles anytime soon.
    Truth be told, with the events today to destroy national statues and such, some (dem-o-ratts come to mind) want to erase/rewrite history…… THAT is the biggest threat to nuclear safety because (as the saying goes): Those that don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it.
    Finally, the article doesn’t mention relivance r/t the dropping of rhe 2nd atomic bomh.
    The decision was made TO SAVE LIVES.
    Estimates ran as high as a million American lives and 100,000’s Japinese lives lost if a land invasion took place!
    Context IS always important in historic hindsight and articles(lost on the MSM and other far left groups).
    Everyone, stay safe and avoid the lunitics since they seem to have taken over the asylum:)

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    Yes I remember the day the bomb feal and all the people dying . it was a very sad time for every one.
    I lost my best friend in that war, it still sadendes me today.
    It is long past due to do every thing we can do about having such power , it is never good for people to have power like this , we dont alwayse use it in the best way for every one !
    Over the years i have watched people suddley get POWER that they were not used to dealing with it, way like giving them some kind of drugs that efected thier brains.
    So it made me very aware off what a small amount off power can do to a person !

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    May he gets the justice he deserves . . . We know MUCH more about NUCLEAR Aftermath and it’s time to COMPENSATE. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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    russell hammond

    well your country started that war by bombing pearl harbor so tuff shit get over it.

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    Larry W Sanders

    I am about the same age as Takano. I don’t remember hearing about the bomb being dropped. I do remember my father coming home from work at a defense plant and telling my mother, who was hanging clothes, that the war was over. He said it without emotion.

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    Phil S.

    Of course the atomic bombing was horrible and produced long lasting effects. So does having limbs ripped off, organs destroyed and minds maddened by being blown up by artillery or conventional bombs, run over by tanks, shot, stabbed or gassed. All horrible. Consider that even after the SECOND atomic bomb was dropped, the 6 man War Cabinet that ran Japan tied at 3 -3 to end the war or keep fighting. Finally the Emperor broke the tie and the war was over, although a fanatic element tried to assassinate him on the way to deliver his radio broadcast.

    The allies were preparing to invade Kyushu, the first of two planned attacks. The Japanese had moved some of their most experienced troops to Kyushu. Almost 1,000,000 soldiers waited to defend Kyushu, and the Japanese were continuing to pour troops onto the island. They were backed by all the civilians, armed with everything from simple bombs to pointed sticks. 4,000 kamikaze planes stood ready. Hundreds of suicide submarines waited to attack allied ships. There would have been a blood bath of epic proportions, exceeding Stalingrad and the battle of Berlin. Consider that the 1st Marine Division, 22,000 strong, was to land on the day of the invasion. No mention of them after the 3rd day, as it was assumed that casualties in the infantry regiments would have exceeded 50%. And it was just ONE of the spearhead divisions.

    Millions of Japanese and hundreds of thousands of Americans owe their lives to the decision to drop the bombs. Veterans poised to attack Japan were overjoyed. They got to live. I’ve personally spoken to many.

    Japan was run by an fanatic nationalist element. They stated in official documents that Japan should be prepared to sacrifice 100 MILLION ‘Broken Jewels’ to save the ‘National Essence’. The Japanese people were spared that thanks to Truman’s decision.

    The nuclear genie was coming out of the bottle sometime. Someone was going to develop it. What if it was developed and no one knew the horrors, and instead of two relatively small bombs, hundreds were unleashed at once? 75 years and no one since has unleashed that horror. Hopefully no one will.

    Col Paul TIbbets on critics of the bomb drop: “It wasn’t their balls on that cold, hard, chopping block”.

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