Biden’s Popularity Soars and GOP Lawmakers Prepare Hunter Biden Investigation | Patriots 4 Truth

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  1. 1

    Gerald Ladd

    I herd there are 5 or 6 people that show up, when he has a rally!

  2. 2

    Statesman Patriot

    Investigate Hunter but determine when Daddy Joe knew about the use of his influence to benefit Burisma and Hunter.

  3. 3


    This has to come out full force!! It’s been swept under the rug too long.

  4. 4

    ian fleck

    how can people want this senile corrupt old man for president baffles me are they all senile as well;

  5. 5

    Edward bavuso

    You have two rotten gangsters that have stollen hundreds of millions of dollars for them selves while committing high treason deserve only prison for there treasonous actions.

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