As it becomes more likely that Joe Biden will win the Democratic Presidential nomination, Republican lawmakers are gearing up to investigate his son Hunter.

In 2016, then-Vice President Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid money to Ukraine unless its leaders fired a prosecutor who was investigating energy company Burisma Holdings.

At the time, Biden’s son Hunter served on Burisma’s Board of Directors for $50,000 per month despite having no experience in the industry.

Critics say the situation represents a serious conflict of interest comparable to the allegations about Trump colluding with Russia.

This week, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) convinced Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) to support his colleague’s efforts to subpoena individuals close to the matter.

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Without Romney, Republicans would be unable to issue subpoenas if all Democratic senators opposed.

“Senator Romney has expressed his concerns to Chairman Johnson, who has confirmed that any interview of the witness would occur in a closed setting without a hearing or public spectacle,” said a spokesperson. “He will therefore vote to let the chairman proceed to obtain the documents that have been offered.”

Johnson’s requests for interviews and documents related to the matter have been ignored, forcing him to consider subpoenas.

Among those expected to receive subpoenas is Andrii Telizhenko, a former employee of political consultancy firm Blue Star Strategies. Blue Star, representing Ukraine, is thought to have sought access to Joe Biden through his son in order to influence the US State Department.

Trump’s desire for this investigation is what led to his impeachment last year. Romney was the only Republican to vote in favor of convicting Trump on the first article of impeachment.

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6 thoughts on “Biden’s Popularity Soars and GOP Lawmakers Prepare Hunter Biden Investigation”
  1. Investigate Hunter but determine when Daddy Joe knew about the use of his influence to benefit Burisma and Hunter.

  2. You have two rotten gangsters that have stollen hundreds of millions of dollars for them selves while committing high treason deserve only prison for there treasonous actions.

  3. Because he’s corrupt and he promised BLM power more power than they have now he offered him jobs in the country Highup jobs which they need to be investigated for misappropriation of funds right along with the anTifa Hillary needs to go to jail Nancy Pelosi needs to go to jail AOC and the psychos squad All need to be arrested Omar Ballot ballot harvest to keep her job she didn’t win she stole that election all these Democrats did they poured millions and billions of dollars into each state just to win if that’s not buying an election what is Joe Biden needs to go to prison right along with his son Kamala Harris needs to go to prison for bailing out sex offenders rapist and I’m going to laugh when they do you find all these police stations and then all of these so-called BLM activist start becoming even more criminals and they already are robbing stores stealing cars killing people and then they’re gonna be looking for money to put the police back and they’re gonna want us and we all need to stick together and put the middle finger high in the sky and tell them all to go themselves I didn’t vote for Biden I will not acknowledge Biden as my president nor will I acknowledge Kamala Harris is my vice president I did not vote for those pieces of shit and I will not except them pieces of shit just like they lied aboutNancy Pelosi they made it all look like they were going to kick her out of office that was all a joke there’s just government we need to get these long long term people at the office we need to change how long the terms are we need to make the terms no more than three years and then they have to go no more of this career politicians stuff Biden wouldn’t of been in politics for 46 years if his clan member buddy didn’t keep protecting him

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