Are Illegal Aliens Receiving More Stimulus Money Than American Citizens?

Nancy Pelosi

President Trump on Tuesday criticized the COVID relief package lawmakers announced Sunday, demanding they increase stimulus checks to $2,000 (up from $600 specified in the bill).

“Throughout the summer, Democrats cruelly blocked COVID relief legislation in an effort to advance their extreme leftwing agenda and influence the election,” argued Trump in a blistering video posted to Twitter.

“The bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated. It really is a disgrace…It’s called the COVID relief bill, but it has almost nothing to do with COVID.”

The relief package is tied to a $1.4 trillion spending bill Trump must sign in order to prevent a government shutdown.

Provisions of the bill that Trump opposes include:

  • $85.5 million to Cambodia
  • $134 million to Burma
  • $1.3 billion to Egypt and its military
  • $25 million to Pakistan
  • $5 million to El Salvador and other Latin American nations
  • $7 million for reef fish management
  • $3 million for poultry production technology
  • $1 billion+ for the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian, and the National Gallery of Art

Even worse, the COVID relief portion offers stimulus checks to the family members of illegal aliens – allowing them to receive over $1,000 each. American workers are offered a mere $600.

“Congress found plenty of money for foreign countries, lobbyists, and special interests, while sending the bare minimum to the American people, who need it. It wasn’t their fault. It was China’s fault,” said Trump, adding that he won’t sign the bill unless lawmakers increase stimulus checks to $2,000, provide more funding for small businesses, and remove the “wasteful and unnecessary items” from the bill.

President Trump’s demands were an unwelcome surprise for lawmakers, many of whom had already left the Capitol for Christmas break.

In response to his demands, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she would try to increase stimulus checks to $2,000 using a process called “Unanimous Consent” – which can be blocked by a single lawmaker who disagrees.

“Just when you think you have seen it all, last night, the President said that he would possibly veto the bicameral agreement negotiated between Republicans and Democrats,” said Pelosi. “If the President truly wants to join us in $2,000 payments, he should call upon [House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy] to agree to our Unanimous Consent request.”

In the meantime, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has suggested that lawmakers reverse Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act in a bid to convince Trump to sign to COVID relief package as-is.


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24 Thoughts to “Are Illegal Aliens Receiving More Stimulus Money Than American Citizens?”

  1. Gary O

    These politicians are becoming more overtly anti-American than ever. They seem to forget who foots the bills here including their overpaid selves. Americans did not sign on to support the world.

  2. Illegal aliens should be getting no stimulus since they just suck on the welfare system.

  3. Sam

    This is what our elected officials think of us, nothing. If they can’t come up with a better stimulus bill, then they should all be sent home, and replaced with someone who has enough brains to prove their worth.

  4. Tom

    The democratic politicians are the biggest liars that have cheated and ran up to make sure not one legal american gets anything from the house or white house to make the president look bad for the new year coming and make it look like the new office can cheat more and blame it on the past so they look better

  5. Asianladyphil

    You’re right Gary! They’re more concerned helping other nations and giving $1,000 each to illegals instead of Americans especially those small businesses who need more help such as $1,200 or more. Not $600 each. That’s really a disgrace.

  6. Harm

    President Trump today should be the day you gift us Patriots with Martial Law & let’s hunt down deep state operators & the rest of the traitors to be brought to justice of the M-4’s.

  7. It is illegal for the dem governors to give are emergency funds to criminals, they are illegally in are country and many commuting crimes against we the people. These governors need to be arrested for AIDING AND ABEDING these criminals and, put in prison along with Nasty Nancy and her crime gang wanting to give them THREE TIME what we get, it’s are money and we the taxpayers have to pay it back with interest, time to remove all illegals including the demorats !!!!!

  8. mike grunewald

    Mr.President veto all as proposed

  9. George Fine

    I’m in shock but I should be used to it by now. What in God’s name are they doing? The taxpayers are hurting because of COVID and they are giving money to other countries! Our politicians need to have benefits taken away plus salaries just like many of us. Maybe they would think twice about giving away our taxes to other countries and aliens!

  10. Typical DEMONRATS, (along with Some RHINOS),Screw the American People and Use OUR TAX Dollars to Try and buy Future Votes from Foriegn National’s, They are Constantly Giving Our Money to Foreign governments and Countries without Asking WE THE PEOPLE, Where WE would like OUR MONEY to be Spent,Any Politicians That put other Countries ahead of OUR COUNTRY, Should be Tried for TREASON and Punished to the FULLEST EXTENT of the Law, i.e Public Execution!!
    Maybe then the So Called leaders would Start putting AMERICA First!

  11. Sally Glassman

    sallyglass23@gmail. com. This is really sad we the people have paid all these taxes in to government for this crap We pay for congress and house salaries and the we are treated as we don’t matter They have gotten to big of them self it time we the people take back Our Government Keep our money here in America Not in Foreign Countries That Hate us !!! Wake up people it’s time!!!

  12. Veto it all, Mr President. If anybody deserves It All, IT’S YOU!

  13. Cliff

    I SAY, DELETE all the “foreign aid”, the “pet projects” that have absolutely NOTHING to do with “control-us virus ” aid, as well as those” payments” to illegal aliens that should not even BE in this country to begin with. We need a “CLEAN” bill without all the mountains of PORK shoved into it (which always seems to be the case with CON-gress.) It is the AMERICAN PEOPLE that need the “help”, NOT foreign governments, that HATE all we stand for, and those “pet projects” pushed by lobbyists, and members of CONGRESS.

  14. KenM

    Retired military members who are disabled, but less than 50%, as a result of military service have to fund their own VA disability payments out of their retirement. Retirement pay is for service performed. Disability pay is for disability that resulted from service. They are not the same. However, Congress has refused to enable concurrent receipt because they can’t find “offsets” to fund it. Here’s a golden opportunity for them to find “offsets”. Cut the excess funds being sent to other countries for which we get nothing in return for our generosity.

  15. Our whole political parties should be fired and a new crew of real AMERICANS put in office.

  16. rottenrollin

    What does this TRAVESTY of a Covid Bill have to do with Covid?







  17. For what they voted for, then they got it: for Cambodia, Burma, Pakistan, for Egypt, fish and birds, for Alzheimer’s-Biden, for the brothel madam – Vice- Presiden and for $ 600 for the funeral of America’s small businesses – Amen!

  18. For what they voted for, then they got it: for Cambodia, Burma, Pakistan, for Egypt, fish and birds, for Alzheimer’s-Biden, for the brothel madam – Vice- Presiden and for $ 600 for the funeral of America’s small businesses – Amen!

  19. Bill

    Theseillegals shouls receive NO $ in fact as they are identified as illwegal DEPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY ! !

  20. why pay illegals more than Americans when they do not even pay taxes? Same question for all these other countries that doesn’t help the USA, but wants our help when they get into trouble? We pay taxes but now now Ms. P. wants to cut out Soc. Sec.. We worked hard for that. If they want to send all that money to foreign countries, how about they take a salary cut instead of putting more burden on the US citizens?

  21. James

    If you are a LEGAL citizen of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA you should and are entitled to receive a stimulus relief check. If you’re not working on becoming a LEGAL citizen or an other words, an ILLEGAL ALIEN, you get NO stimulus relief check. Just a free ride to the nearest depletion station. Along with most of the Democrat politicians and let President Trump get back to making us proud to America. God bless America and President Trump!

  22. This is BS those countries have nothing to do with us Americans the money should stay here not to those non Americans!

  23. Earl Kersic

    I still think president Trump is not giving up on the fraud. But there are alot of Democrats who voted for globalization.
    They are trying to destroy us by this ominous bill ,they’re destroying small business and putting the middle class at danger. We were doing great before covid and we would have been great again after covid, but not now.

  24. Daniel Jewell

    Mr. President Please remove the millions that the democrats want to give to other countries,as well as the illegal immigrants, who have not put one penny into our country. These hundreds of millions could be used to help the starving people in our own country. What is wrong with our government. Nothing under the tree this year. Signed a STARVING AMERICAN!!!!!

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