AOC’s Capitol Building Lie


Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has used Instagram live video to speak about her experience at the January 6 Capitol Hill riot. During her live streams, AOC claimed she came face-to-face with rioters in the halls outside of her office. But in reality, AOC wasn’t even in the Capitol at the time of the riot. She was in her office in a completely different building.

According to her website, AOC’s congressional office is in the Cannon House Office Building. The Cannon House Office Building is accessible to the Capitol Building via tunnel.

On Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez spoke to millions of fans on Instragram relaying her past experience of sexual assault, which she said left her traumatized. This experience, she said, was compounded by her what happened to her during the Capitol Hill riot.

Rep. Nancy Mace’s (R-SC) office is in the same hallway as AOC’s, just two doors down. According to Mace, there were no rioters in that area at any time. She said AOC’s claims were “egregious.”

What apparently happened is that Ocasio-Cortez was in her office in the Cannon House Office Building when the Capitol Building was breached by rioters. AOC was hiding in her office bathroom. A few moments later, a Capitol Hill Police Officer came into her office to check on her and directed her where to go to evacuate.

AOC says she did not trust the officer, but followed his directions anyway.

She claims the officer was “looking at me with all this anger and hostility. At first, in my brain and in my mind, I just came from this super intense experience just now, maybe I’m reading into this, right? Like maybe I’m projecting, maybe I’m projecting something on to him that, maybe I’m just sensing anger but maybe he’s not trying to be angry, um.”

“But I talked to… my legislative director, and he said ‘no, I didn’t know if he would help us or hurt us either, and [he] was actually like ‘this man came with so much hostility, that um” she continued. She also said that her staffer was “sizing him up” to see if he “would have to fight him.”

AOC claims GOP House members and senators are “using the same tactics as abusers,” and she fears that they will “do it again.”

She also said that she believes her colleagues in the GOP are “white supremacists.” She also falsely accused Senator Ted Cruz of “trying to get her killed.” She would not attend President Biden’s inauguration because she did not “feel safe” around Republicans. She has also called for the removal of Republicans in the House and Senate.

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4 Thoughts to “AOC’s Capitol Building Lie”

  1. Deborah

    The one that needs to be removed is AOC! Apparent instability & discriminatory! She really can’t believe that all Republicans should be removed.

  2. she is a continual ( not habitual) liar , layer and deceiver . Covered most bases of what that thing is . Wanted to put in a few more adjectives but I like commenting on idiots and that thing called “crap” . Do not want to get censored .

  3. larwoy

    She is a liar and total whack job!

  4. I don’t think Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez is lying. One of two things: either she is a severe schizophrenic or a severe alcoholic, otherwise her behavior cannot be explained by anything.

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