Among companies getting millions in U.S. small business loans: South Korea’s biggest airline

Korean Air’s U.S. operation received millions in federal small-business loans aimed to soften the blow of Covid-19, federal data shows.

The carrier received $5 million to $10 million in U.S. loans intended to help small businesses keep employees on their payrolls, according to a list of the largest recipients of loans in the Paycheck Protection Program released by the Trump administration on Monday.

The Seoul-based airline, South Korea’s largest, has about 500 employees in the U.S., and a spokeswoman said it applied for the loan because more than half of the carrier’s operation is suspended because of the pandemic.

The funds will be used toward it’s payroll costs of its U.S. staff, including those in its large cargo business and in office jobs like marketing and human resources, the spokeswoman said.

Long-haul international travel has plunged because of Covid-19 as demand dried up and a series of travel restrictions has made trips abroad difficult if not impossible for some potential customers.

Korean Air is a major cargo carrier with routes to or from the Americas comprising about 40% of its cargo sales.

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2 Thoughts to “Among companies getting millions in U.S. small business loans: South Korea’s biggest airline”

  1. Bill

    If they are american workers, why should this be an issue? Because they work for a Korean company doesn’t mean it can support them if they have a business cutback.

  2. dee

    why are these company’s getting money and the small business that are in real trouble and about to close up shop not getting any . this is not the way the program should be it was to help the smaller business stay open and help with operations and employee pay not give millions to a foreign company or a large corperate company that seem to be getting millions also . what a joke this PPP has been and the democrats need to stop funding the program and business’s they like . what a waste of tax payers money as well as not helping the ones that really need it . same with the stimmulous checks what a joke that has been

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