It seems that nowadays we are living in an ever-changing society.  A society where the definition of words change even though the words have not.  Freedom to do whatever one wants seems to be the theme.  Sometimes such aspirations can begin to take on a whole new meaning in itself.  Dr. Frankenstein created a monster out of his desire to preserve life.  Ironically, his creation took his life.  What direction is humanity going with all of the new ways that people attempt to define themselves?  Some will say humanity is going to hell, or that humanity is already there.

One of the sickest things that I have seen in my short time on this rock is the creation and the implementation of the non-gender specific bathrooms in schools.  Totally insane concept.  All patents should be up in arms, or anyone for that matter, when considering that their children will be forced to use restrooms that are also shared by the opposite sex.  It sounds strange even saying “opposite sex” these days.  These people with this gender swamp agenda are doing social engineering.  They are programming our children the idea that the creator was wrong and separate genders do not exist.

There are some things that are helping to cause these ambiguous changes.  Animals are coming up in studies where when exposed to high levels of estrogen, nearly all of the test subjects sex changes.  Also, we have a lot of food that has soy as an ingredient.  Read your the ingredients in your food.  Nearly all processed food that we eat has soy in it.  Soy is very high in estrogen.  Estrogen is a female sex hormone produced from ovarian follicles in female mammals.  According to some scientific tests, fish populations can be effected dramatically causing male fish to produce eggs and change their sex from male to female.  We have been seeing an influx of homosexuality, lesbianism, and transsexuality over the last few decades.  Industrial companies pollute the water with their chemical by-products which oftentimes is high in estrogen.  Along with all of the soy in our food, maybe this could be a catalyst for all of the sexual confusion that we have been experiencing.  Maybe there is an agenda being forced upon the general public here in America and abroad to confuse the sexes.  But why?

Unless you are blind, it is easy to see that homosexuality and transgenderism are being forced upon us.  We don’t know whether to call someone a male or female.  And if we get it wrong, all hell breaks loose.  It’s to the point where transexuals and transvestites are being allowed to give book readings in drag in libraries across America.  Not only that, but schools are allowing books on homosexuality and such to be part of the curriculum for children in kindergarten.  The fact is that we are being socially and genetically modified to accept the homosexuality and transgender agenda.  There is an agenda.  Look up NAMBLA for further information.  Not only are they forcing homosexuality and transgenderism on us but also pedophilia as well. One can witness this conspiracy or agenda when taking a look at male musicians and entertainers wearing dresses (even if for a movie because this runs amuck in Hollywood), purses, and the color pink.  This agenda is a part of the transhumanist movement which is the portal to population reduction.

Today we live in a world where we are made to believe that up is down and down is up.  Where gender doesn’t exist or it exists in a multitude of categories beyond male and female.  Where children prior to pubescence are telling their parents what they identify with sexually.  Where power is being taken from the parents subjecting the parents to be governed by their Children of the Corn.

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