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    Nery Tomas

    with the experience of coronavirus we must restore the international certificate of vaccines, we must also establish unnprotocolo of hygiene and disinfection of supervized aircraft and international cruisers at airports and ports by government . special as uv lamps such as those used in hospitals for de-inflection of O R , substitute aircraft on land already clean to avoid delays. contilnde infections and pathogens with cultures

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    Totally agree! We need to have our people go back to work and move on
    so that peopleble can have a livelyhood!
    God Bless YOU!

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    I have been telling my family for years that we shouldn’t allow any foreign country to own land and out packing plants. We allowed our government to send jobs to China.
    I don’t think any American citizens realized that our prescription drug and over the counter drugs are made in China. That’s not safe.
    How many packing plants does China own here? Did they bring in illegals people to work the plants? Were they vetted and quarantine?
    There has been a lot of recalls on meat and produce.
    We need to take over our packing plants. Can the farmers set up some way to sell to public and allow local places to package the meat.
    I had a local meat packing plant package my pig and steers.
    We need to get China out of our country.
    Trump 2020

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