The Media Created Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene

If our nation was not so divided … and the political passions were not so intense … and the media was not so biased … we could discuss Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in a rational manner – or we might not be discussing her at all.  But not today. By my measure of objectivity, we should be able to say that Greene does occasionally say some stupid things.  I personally think her comparison of mask wearing to the mandatory six-pointed star in Nazi Germany was over the top.  It…

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UFOs? Ask Obama says Biden

Earlier this week, former President Obama appeared on late night TV and said the government cannot explain the videos of unidentified aerial phenomenon. The truth may be out there — but President Joe Biden isn’t saying so. The president ducked a question Friday on “unidentified aerial phenomena” — the subject of renewed interest as the Senate awaits a report from U.S. intelligence agencies on the matter — when a reporter asked him about recent remarks by his former boss. “President Obama says there is footage and records of objects in…

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The Strange Hamas/Leftist Connection

Progressive-leaning Democrats sympathetic to the Palestinians are pressuring President Joe Biden to force Israel to stop its campaign against terrorist organization Hamas and to rethink US policy towards Israel. “We are horrified by Israel’s use of disproportionate and deadly force against Palestinians in Gaza which have already resulted in the killings of dozens of Palestinians, including children,” reads a statement released by 140 progressive groups including Justice Democrats and the Working Families Party.  Black Lives Matter also expressed support for the Palestinians. The organization said in a tweet, “We are…

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