The elderly won the pandemic

If you think older Americans have struggled to cope through the pandemic, think again. According to new research by financial services firm Edward Jones, they have actually been faring far better than their younger counterparts. The Edward Jones and Age Wave Study focused exclusively on how different generations have held up emotionally and financially in the months since the lockdowns began, and some of its findings are at least as startling as how quickly even 70-year-olds came to love Zoom. “COVID-19’s impact forever changed the reality of many Americans, yet…

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The One Positive Outcome of The Student Debt Crisis

College Graduate Wearing Face Mask

Just how much are all those stories about crippling student debt having on college campuses? You have only to ask post-millennials now trying – although not always successfully – to avoid being saddled with the same heavy burden of debt as their predecessors. Not only did 83 percent of current college students surveyed consider what their total costs would be before matriculating – just 69 percent of recent graduates had such foresight – but 39 percent of them said the potential price tag was such “a huge factor” that they…

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New Guidelines for Opioid Treatment Offer Hope

Pill Bottle Spilled Out

As deaths from dug overdose continue to increase, the Biden Administration has announced a key change affecting the prescription of buprenorphine. The policy, first proposed in January during the Trump Administration, eliminates training requirements for the prescription of buprenorphine and expands eligibility to nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and certified nurse midwives. Before the change, healthcare workers were forced to take an 8-hour course before they could prescribe buprenorphine. This requirement caused many healthcare workers to avoid the drug entirely. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist that eases the withdrawal symptoms…

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Futurologist Says Corona Will Leave the World a Better Place

Matthias Horx

“I am often asked these days when Corona will “be over” and everything will return to normal. My answer: never. There are historical moments when the future changes direction. We call them bifurcations. Or deep crises. This is one of those times.” Futurologist Matthias Horx shows in his corona reverse forecast how we will be surprised when the crisis is ‘over’. The world as we know it is dissolving. But behind it, a new world is coming together, the shape of which we can at least guess. To do so,…

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Thoughts on George Floyd

Derek Chauvin And George Floyd

This commentary is not so much about the issue of racism – or even systemic racism – where it may or may not exist.  It is about the way we see and react to events through the lens of racism and racist narratives.  The Floyd case is a perfect example of the problem. Virtually all the reports – those media narratives – we saw and heard throughout and since the trial were conversations about assumed racism.  It was the racism of one cop – who is said to reflect the inherent…

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Oscar Night Proves Movie Stars Cannot Do Television

The Oscars Logo

There was a lot of hype for the 93rd Annual Oscar Awards – a lot.  It was to be different – more exciting – more entertaining.  We should not expect less since they ARE the entertainment industry. They did make a lot of changes.  There was no celebrity host to stitch the show together – and provide some comic relief as a counterpoint to the droning acceptance speeches.  If I were to give a summary critique of the evening, I would say that everyone was well dressed.  As might be…

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Russia Warns the US Will “Pay a Price” for Sanctions

Putin Standing At Podium

Moscow is furious with the Biden Administration over a new round of sanctions that saw 10 Russian diplomats expelled from the United States. The Kremlin immediately expelled 10 American diplomats in response and threatened to take “painful measures” against US business interests in Russia. “Washington should realize that it will have to pay a price for the degradation of bilateral ties,” warned Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The new sanctions on Russia are largely a response to the SolarWinds cyberattack reported last December and alleged interference in the 2020 election…

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Antifa and BLM Vandalize Monument in New York

Protest In New York City

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA protesters fought with New York City Police officers and vandalized the USS Maine National Monument Thursday night in Manhattan. The protesters marched to different areas of mid town Manhattan, including the New York Times headquarters where they chanted “F*** The New York Times.” They also marched to the USS Maine National Monument at Columbus Circle, near the entrance to Central Park. They vandalized the statue while raising transgender rights flags. The monument commemorates the sailors that were killed on the ship when it was sunk…

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Look Who Wants to Pack the Court

According to the radical Progressive wing of the Democratic party – which now includes both President Biden and Vice President Harris – the only proper government is one in which they control all the levers.  The only issues to be considered are those advanced by the political left – and all other opinions are to be censored one way or another. The current example of their authoritarian objective is the result of President Trump appointing three members to the Supreme Court – shifting the balance in favor of the more…

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Cause of Death of Capitol Police Officer Finally Revealed

Brian Sicknick Funeral

Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick was one of the main media narratives intended to show that Trump supporters killed a police officer during the riot on Capitol Hill.  As you may recall, Sicknick had returned to his headquarters, where he collapsed.  He was taken to a hospital, where he died the next day. The first false report was that Sicknick died of injuries when he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher by a Trump supporter.  That story played in the anti-Trump media over and over and…

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